Warranty and Return

WoW Price, we guarantee great product quality at the WoW Price. 
This Warranty is for new product, for Vintage is no Warranty and Return,  Used Cameras is getting 3 months  Warranty and Return.
14 Days Money Back Warranty only for new and used product.
You have to make you mine do you need the item or not only one warning we can give you, before you buy from WoW Price, if you item don't have any issue and all in order, you will pay for shipping cost and no refund on any shipping cost. 
Sorry we can refund only for cost of product as shipping cost is paying out to courier company, in self pick up you not pay any fees only full refund.
1 year Warranty only for new Product and 3 Months for used
If in 1 year you will get any issue with the product you purchase from WoWPrice.ie you send to us for repair or exchange,  you will pay the shipping fees for returning the original item back to us, and for shipping back to you.
Before you send to us
Have you some issue with the product you got from WoW Price send us some information to info@wowprice.ie
1.Please tell us your order number and product code, explain the issue with your item details, including the cause and date of the issue.
2.Please send us clear pictures or video of the defects (under 2MB) in good lighting of both the product and outer packaging.
3.Please tell us what actions you have already taken to resolve the issue.
4.Go to fill up form for return product here