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Hello its first Camera museum in Ireland based in Cork, small area in our shop warehouse for around 200 cameras you can visit it in PhotoClub7910.

Samsung Sum Zoom 115S
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List of Camera Museum around the world
ArgentinaMuseo Fotografico Simik visit FaceBook Av. Federico Lacroze 3901, C1427 EDE, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAustriaWESTLICHT visit WebSite  Westbahnstraße 40 A-1070 Vienna AustriaBelgiummusée de la photographie à Charleroi  visit WebSite Avenue Paul Pastur 11, 6032 Charleroi, BelgiumCanadaMusée Populaire de la Photographie visit WebSite 400 Rue Hériot, Drummondville, QC J2B 1B3, CanadaEstoniaFotomuuseum visit WebSite Raekoja 4/6, 10146 Tallinn, EstoniaGermany3F-Museum visit WebSite Weinstraße 3..
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Sony Mavica - MVC-FD73 - MVC-FD200 3.5" floppy disk
Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera) was a brand of Sony cameras which used removable disks as the main recording medium. In August 1981, Sony unveiled a prototype of the Sony Mavica as the world's first electronic still camera.As with all Mavica cameras until the early 1990s (including later models sold commercially) this first model was not digital. Its CCD sensor produced an analog video signal in the NTSC format at a resolution of 570 × 490 pixels. Mavipak 2.0" disks (later adopted industry-wide as the Video Floppy and labelled "VF") were used to..
Minolta Riva Zoom 105i
This camera has a 35mm to 105mm zoom lens, that is quite bright for a camera of this type (f1:4 at 35mm and f1:6.7 at 105mm). It is fully automatic: exposure between 1s and 1/500th, automatic flash and automatic… zoom! This unusual automatic zoom mode is called APZ(Advanced Power Zoom): an infra-red sensor located below the finder  tries to fill the frame to the best, by modifying the focal length! The APZ mode is of course optional, the user can choose not to use it.On top of this very special APZ system, the camera has quite a lot of features for an early 1990s compact camera: electroni..
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Canon Sure Shot AF 7
The Canon’s Sure Shot AF-7s (aka Sure shot Owl PF or Prima AF-9S) was launched at the turn of the century. It is essentially like a restyled version of the 1997 Sure Shot AF-7/Sure Shot Owl and carried on the characteristic large viewfinder (hence sold under the Owl name in the US). Mines arrived with a case and batteries (thankfully not corroded)The camera is pretty typical  non zoom AF compact from the turn of the century. It has  a plastic body with glass lens and is a bit bulky. It’s a bit like an early IXUS series APS camera on steroids.The camera is pretty simple in controls a ..
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By Ann DavliPhotographic cameras’ roots go deep. Everything started with the camera obscura, and continued with Daguerreotypes, 35mm cameras, digital cameras and camera phonesNow we offer you to learn more about the photo cameras ‘way’ through ages and generations of photographers.Due to the popularity of this post, it was updated by Chris Ford. So, please, scroll down till the end!15001839The Daguerreotype Camera was announced by the French Academy of Sciences. One of these inventions is now the world’s most expensive cameras.1840The first American patent issued in photography ..
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Canon Ixus Z65
Film CamerasIX 240 Lens-Shutter CameraIXY 230ELPH LT270IXUS Z65MarketedFebruary 2001Original Price36,000 yenDespite the increasing move to digital photography, many new film-based models continue to appear. The latest APS camera to hit the dealers' shelves is the Canon Ixus Z65.The Ixus Z65 is compact (95x64x34.5mm) and lightweight (180g) APS (Advanced Photo System) camera with a 2.7x zoom equivalent to 30-81mm on a 35mm camera. The camera features a 3-point autofocus  system which allows it to determine the main focal point when it's not in the centre of the frame. Exposur..
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Praktica zoom 950 AF
Vintage camera. Late 90s model - Praktica 950 AF Zoom . Auto focus and flash - it’s a really easy to use point and shoot and is perfect for beginners. Comes with original case. It takes a AA batteries - just add two of those and a 35mm film and you’re good to go.Specifications:-Type: 135mm 2.4xZoom (38-95mm) with LCD display-Film format: 24x36mm-Focusing range: Auto mode---- Wide: 0.9m ~ infinity; Tele: 0.9m~ infinity-Lens: 38mm (F7.0) to 95mm (F10.5) 4 element 4 groups zoom lens "5 steps zoom, 2 retractable barrel sections"-Exposure control: Programmed AE shutter-Viewfinder: Real image z..
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Pentax Espio AF Zoom
The Espio is a autofocus 35mm compact camera introduced by Pentax in 1992. It is part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom series. A similar version was also called IQZoom 70XL released a couple of years later.It uses a 35 to 70mm f/4.3 to 8 powered zoom lens comprised of 8 elements in 7 groups. It is able to focus from 0.6m to infinity. A focus confirmation LED is by the viewfinder.The top center of the camera has a LCD setting screen with exposure counter dominating the display. On the right of the screen are buttons for infinity focus and drive mode. The drive ..
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 Olympus SuperZoom 70G
Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G compact 35mm camera. Offering outstanding quality, value, and ease of use, the SUPERZOOM 70G/80G is equipped with a high-performance 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm zoom lens and a high-accuracy autofocus system. It also features a wide range of flash modes, and a stylish, compact, lightweight body with a sliding lens barrier.Top features:Compact, lightweight, and stylish designHigh-performance, 38 - 70mm/38 - 80mm 2x zoom lens with two aspherical lens elements High-accuracy, 464-step autofocus system Versatile flash functionsAffordab..
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