You can use this portable water heater on a camping holiday, in your own garden, in the garage or in the weekend house.
The portable water heater operated with liquid propane generates up to 16 liters of hot water per minute.
Particularly suitable for fixed installation outdoors.
The gas is connected through a standard 11 kg propane gas cylinder (not in the package included) which is also used for outdoor barbecues.
The ignition is automatic via 2 D batteries (NOT in the package included). No power connection necessary.
The 16L tankless water heater is the best-selling water heater on the market today! Customers around the world use similar devices to heat water safely and reliably. The portable, liquid propane gas-fired instantaneous water heater generates 16 liters of hot water per minute. The user-friendly water heater is designed for quick and easy set-up. Instant hot water preparation, ideal for camping showers, trailers, campers, yachts, no power connection required. The simple design makes the instantaneous water heater easy to use and install, and it looks harmonious with work or living spaces.
The instantaneous water heater enables water to be heated immediately. The water is only heated when required. The advantage is that energy is only consumed when the device is in use. This propane water heater can also offer a summer / winter mode to choose from for energy saving.

Technical specifications:
Operation: rotary knob
Power: 32KW
(25 ℃) Hot water volume: 16L / min (16 kg / min)
Flow rate: 4.3 GPM
Gas type: Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
Rate gas pressure: 2800Pa
Fire -extinguishing: Automatic fire extinguishing with electrical pulses
Exhaust options: Automatic exhaust gas
Exhaust outlet diameter: 16kg F110
Applicable water pressure: Min.0.02MPa, Max.0.8MPa, Starting pressure: 0.015MPa
Gas line (inner diameter): F 95mm oil-resistant rubber hose
Cold water pipe: short pipe or G 1/2 steel pipe
Hot water pipe: Long pipe or G 1/2 steel pipe
Dimensions: 590 x 350 x 140 mm (H*L*W)
Packing size: 700 x 400 x 200 mm (H*L*W)
adjustable amount of water (stepless)
adjustable temperature (stepless)
Color: white
Display: LED digital display

No pilot flame!
No power connection required!
Advantage 1: easy installation! (in a ventilated environment)
Advantage 2: automatic ignition by two D batteries (not included)
Advantage 3: Portable and light. no power connection required
Advantage 4: instantaneous water heater
Advantage 5: Heat-resistant metal housing
Advantage 6: Start at low water pressure
Advantage 7: Overheating protection, No water storage required.
Advantage 8: come with the shower head and shower hose.
Advantage 9: ISO Approved and CE Certificate
Advantage 10: 20-minute timer (must be properly equipped)

Scope of delivery:

1x water heater
1x shower head and shower hose
1x English operating manual
Attention: The pressure relief valve is not included in the delivery. Installation in the bathroom is prohibited!

Safety advice:
The device must be used under ventilation conditions. Make sure the exhaust set is in normal condition.
Read the operating instructions carefully before installation!
Please use and maintain the device according to the operating instructions.
Please check the gas connection regularly to ensure that there is no risk of leakage.


1. This water heater can only be installed in outdoor ventilated place, and it is strictly forbidden to use it in a confined space.

2. Please confirm the type of gas used at home (liquefied gas or natural gas) before purchasing, and pay attention to the model you purchased.

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250113 VEVOR 16L LPG Water Heater Propane Gas Tankless Instant Boiler With Shower

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