In 1970, Agfa introduced the Selectronic Sensor range, comprising two cameras. These models continued in production until 1976 when they were replaced by the Optima Sensor Electronic series.

The Selectronic Sensor was a viewfinder camera, while the Selectronic Sensor S was a rangefinder camera, and enjoyed a better quality - Tessar type - "Solinar" lens.

The target market for the Selectronic Sensor cameras seems to have been that of a second camera for a serious enthusiast. They have some fairly unique features.

Viewfinder: Large reverse-Galilean finder, 0.78x magnification (at a guess), with selected aperture and shutter speed displayed on two separate scales across the top and down the right side of the viewfinder respectively (the symbol under "30" is a tripod).

Focus: Manual.

Lens: Agfa Color Apotar f/2.8 45mm (3 Elements in 3 Groups).

Close Focus: 3' (0.9m).

Diaphragm: Stopping down to about f/22.

Shutter: Agfa Paratronic, with speeds of 15 sec. (yes that's correct - 15 whole sec!) to 1/500 continuously variable. Mechanical timer for 10 sec delay.

Cable Release: On the back-side of the top plate (above the battery test button).

Meter: CdS cell.

Exposure: Aperture priority auto exposure.

Film Speed: 25 - 400 ASA (15 - 27 DIN). Selection is “coin-operated”.

Filter Size: 49mm screw fit.

Flash: Standard hot shoe with center contact, automatic switchover from time to flash mode by touch probe in the hot shoe, which is automatically activated by the inserted flash.

Film Advance: Lever.

Frame Counter: Manually zeroed, then counts up and counts down on rewind.

Rewind: A lever reverses the winder gearing, so the film advance lever rewinds the film.

Back Opening: Sliding catch. When the back is opened, a film retaining spindle on the base of the camera also pops out.

Size: 117 x 83 x 66 mm (W x H x D).

Weight: 470g.

Battery: 2 PX625, although it will work properly with alkaline 625 size cells: if the test light illuminates, then the meter will operate. The batteries fit in a neat little pullout drawer on the side of the camera.

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AGFA Color Apotar Paratronic 35mm Film Camera

  • Brand: Agfa
  • Product Code: Paratronic
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